Services / Products


The client opens an account with a custodian bank of his/her choice.


The client signs an asset management or investment advisory mandate contract with Terreus Capital AG.


Based on the limited power of attorney, Terreus Capital AG places orders with the
client′s bank.

INVESTMENT ADVISORY You have knowledge and experience about the economical and political coherence and their influence on the capital markets. You want to take decisions regarding your wealth structure and assets by yourself.

On your own active path Terreus Capital AG will be happy to accompany you and will assist you in your investment decisions with expert advice. Terreus Capital AG is completely independent and autonomous in both its selection of investment products and service providers.

Our reporting will give you a transparent, easy-to-understand overview of how your assets are performing and whether you have achieved your goals. We check the stated banking fees, if they conform to the agreed fee structure.

PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT With a discretionary portfolio management mandate you leave the management of your assets to us. With our support you decide about the investment strategy and we will take care about the tactical implementation.

You determine how your investment strategy for the upcoming years should look like. In a comprehensive discussion we lay out together your risk profile and your risk ability. We implement the asset allocation, which you have chosen and actively work with your assets. You are regularly informed on the performance of your assets.

Classic portfolio management mandates place emphasis on relative risk and return. We, however, also think in absolute terms. In difficult years, we adapt our equity exposure according to market conditions and can still be fully invested in spite of a reduced equity allocation.

FAMILY OFFICE SERVICES With a Family Office Solution from Terreus Capital AG you delegate to us a large part of your financial business for monitoring and optimization. With the help of our broad experience we aim to facilitate your vast task of effective financial planing.

In a first step we analyze the strategic challenges you are facing. Then we develop for you suitable strategies and implement them accordingly.

Together with our external specialists we offer you following services:

  • Inheritance Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Asset Structuring
  • Budget & Cash Flow Management
  • Real Estate Management
  • Obtaining permits for people moving to Switzerland from other countries
  • Relocation
  • Financing
  • Securities and Personal Accounting
  • Consolidation and Reporting, incl. Global Custody Solutions
  • The list is non-exhaustive


  • M&A Advisory
  • Corporate Financing
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Corporate Valuation
  • The list is non-exhaustive